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The New York Gift Exchange is a retailer specializing in scripophily; that is, antique stock and bond certificates. We buy and sell using all the resources available; namely, roadshows, the Internet, direct mail, and electronic auctions. Our customers include individuals, corporations, brokerage firms, retail stores, museums, and national historic sites.

Our inventory includes hundreds of different certificates. Nearly every economic sector is represented: aeronautical, automotive, entertainment, food & beverage, health care, iron & steel, metals, mining, oil and gas, railroads, shipping, telephone & telegraph, and tobacco. Certificates on hand range in age from recent to nearly 160 years old.

We are very selective in our purchases, stressing quality with regards to both condition and content. Certificates not meeting our high standards are clearly noted.

Best of all, prices are affordable with certificates available for as little as $4.95 each. For the higher priced listings, our prices are usually competitive.

We welcome your comments as to the design and usefulness of this web site.

We specialize in certificates with unusual or distinctive features, whether it be a unique vignette, striking color, exceptional beauty, outstanding execution, or a famous signatory. Every certificate has at least one vignette, and sometimes several. All the certificates are in superb condition, and all are guaranteed authentic.

The certificates are particularly well suited to general collections for both novice and advanced scripophilists. Each is beautiful in its own right, and each is suitable for framing. They make excellent gifts for children of all ages, students, and business professionals.

Company Profile
History, market, products, and other details.


Aviation Enthusiasts

Aerospace Certificates
Aviation, Airlines, and Airports


eBay Marketplace

A current listing of my items offered by eBay Auctons and through my eBay Store.

Get Acquainted Offer
Certificate, catalog, and collector's guide.

A Guide for Collectors and Investors.

Inventory Items
Selected certificates form our extensive inventory group by Industry sector.

The following groupings, compiled from our general inventory, are available for viewing online:

Aeronautical and Aerospace
Dealer Mini-Lots
Inexpensive Certificates
Iron & Steel
Medical & Pharmaceutical
New York Central Archives
Oil & Gas
Radio & Phonograph
Telephone & Telegraph

Special Groupings
Holdings sorted by sector and content.

Contemporary Certificates
Issues for viable ongoing companies.

Books for Scripophilists
There are many books about scripophily.

Aerospace Certificates
Airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and space exploration companies.

Autographed Securities
Certificates with celebrity signatures.

Dealer Min-Lots
Lots of 5 certificates each at special prices.

About Our Catalogs
Printed literature for collectors not connected to the Internet.

Inexpensive Certificates
Our collection of low-priced certificates at $4.95 each.

Hospital, Medical, Pharmaceutical

Wholesale Lots
A special collection of certificates available in lots of 100 each. Price shown is for 100 certificates.

Gift Sets
These collections consist of several different certificates from select industry groups. The certificates represent well known companies, and in most cases the names are highly recognizeable.

Other Merchandise
Albums, collections, and Wall Street memorabilia.

Wanted: Dead or Alive
Certificates that we are buying.

Author's Corner
Excerpts from books on scripophily.

Custom Framing
Archival framing, masterfully executed, at competitive prices

How To Order
Purchasing instructions.

Order Form
Blank form for printing online.

Unconditional Guarantee
No-risk purchasing.

Terms and Conditions
Business policies.

An explanation of our notation.

Liquidating a Collection
How to sell old stocks and bonds.

Private Collections
The proprietor of this web site is, not surprisingly, also a scripophily collector. The following links show some of the material in a few of his collections. The certificates shown here are not for sale, although duplicates may be found in the inventory link.

Alaska & Yukon Stocks and Bonds by Dick Hanscom
A thorough listing of certificates from Alaska, the Yukon, and some from British Columbia.

Hanscom follows the recent trend for scripophily writers; that is, focusing on a very limited subset of the collectible universe. Hanscom's specialty is Alaska and Yukon certificates. Specialties previously covered by other authors include railroads (Cox), automobiles (Falater), and Confederate bonds (Ball).

The book covers more than 700 listings with about 500 photographs (black and white). Information about each certificate includes state of incorporation, color, capitalization represented by the certificate, vignette, size, printer, and other specific details. Current prices for the certificates (either realized or estimated) are not provided.

Scripophily on the Web
Other sites of interest.

How to Contact Us
By mail, e-mail, and telephone.

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The New York Gift Exchange

Last modified on Saturday, December 31, 2005