Dealer Mini-Lots

Company Cat. # Issue Vintage Status Color Price for 10 certs Vignette Inc.
Accomack Storage 7121 unissued 19-- UU orange 20.00 Side view of seated female holding up wreath in left hand. VA
Alco Products 392-C <100 stock 1960ís IC brown 50.00 Corp. logo on globe in center with seated females in flowing gowns, left and right. NY
Amerada Corp 6606-B 100 stock 1920's IC orange 60.00 Seated female in flowing gown studying globe. DE
American Banknote 899-C 100 pfd. 1930's-1940's IC orange 60.00 Eagle with wings outstretched, perched on a crag. NY
American Thread Company 6700-B <100 stock 1925 IC red 70.00 Cameo containing spool of thread NJ
Anaconda Company 395 <100 stock 1970ís IC blue 60.00 Mining scene, center, with seated male figures, left and right MT
Anglo National Corporation 3313 <100 stock 1929 IC brown 40.00 Globe sits on capital of Corinthian column.Eagle, wings unfurled, sits on globe. DE
ARA Services 6522 <100 stock 1970's IC turquoise 50.00 Four standing figures in front of huge winged gear. DE
Armstrong (A.J.) 6802-C 100 stock 1960's- 1970's IC brick 40.00 Female in flowing gown superimposed on industrial scene. NY
Baruch-Foster 3164 100 stock 1960's IC green 30.00 Cameo containing corporate logo surrounded by seated male and femalefigures. DE
Becton Dickinson 6806-B $5,000 bond 1968 IC red 70.00 B-D logo on easel, standing male figures left and right.Stock size horizontal format certificate. NJ
Bond Stores 290-A 100 stock 1960ís IC red 60.00 Complex vignette.Scantily clad male figure holding giant wheel with angelic figures in background.A beautiful certificate at a low price. MD
Custer Channel Wing Corporation 1014-C 100 stock 1970's IC brown 70.00 Front view of aircraft with unique wing configuration that permitted engine rotation and allowed vertical takeoff. MD
Deltona Corporation 6808 100 stock 1960's IC green 30.00 Company logo in cameo surrounded by seated male and female figures. DE
Heizer Corporation 3383 100 stock 1982 IC blue 25.00 Standing female sowing seeds, industrial background. DE
Hobart Manufacturing 6801 100 stock 1970's IC green 30.00 Seated female in farm scene with converyor belt of finished goods. OH
Hoboken, City of 6011 $1,000 bond IC blue 60.00 Perched eagle, wings unfurled. NJ
Howard Johnson 401-A <100 stock 1960ís IC blue 30.00 Classical seated female figure with silhouettes of the HOJO mascots, Simple Simon and the Pieman. MD
Howard Johnson 401-B 100 stock 1960's IC orange 30.00 Classical seated female figure with silhouettes of the HOJO mascots, Simple Simon and the Pieman. MD
Howard Johnson 403-B 100 stock 1960's IC orange 30.00 Simple Simon and the Pieman:a white silouette on an orange background. MD
Indian Head 3314-B <100 stock 1970's IC brown 40.00 Standing female in modern dress holdijng globe. DE
Kendall Company 6804-B 100 stock 1960's IC blue 30.00 Seated female holding winged wheel. MA
Massey-Ferguson Limited 6016 100 stock 1969 IC green 50.00 Seated female holding scythe. Canada
Mississippi River Fuel Corporation 1037-B 100 stock 1950's IC orange 40.00 Complex vignette.Cameo containing industrial scene surrounded by kneeling male figures left and right.Also, oil well left and pipe valves right.
Monfort of Colorado 1351 <100 stock 1980's IC green 50.00 Female in flowing gown, cattle and mountains in background. DE
Monsanto 6807-C $25000 bond 1978 IC olive 80.00 Standing male figure, seated males left and right.Stock size, horizontal format certificate. DE
National Oil Products Company 6830 <100 stock 1946 IC green 25.00 Cameo of gas storage tank flanked by reclining females. NJ
New York Central Railroad 4-B <100 stock 1950ís-1960ís IC brown 20.00 Portrait of Commodore Vanderbilt. DE
New York Central RR 6713 $10,000 bond 1970's IC blue 90.00 Locomotive #3404 pulling a passenger train.
New York Central RR 6714-B $5,000 bond 1970's IC brown 70.00 From the southeast, an aerial view of New York's Grand Central Station in 1913.Horizontal format.A beautiful certificate.
New York Railways 7070 100 stock 1935 IC red 80.00 Trolley car with other street traffic. NY
North American Light & Power 1102-B 100 stock 1930's-1940's IC red 30.00 Lady, arm on generator, seated in plush environment. DE
Omark Industries 6803 100 stock 1960's IC green 30.00 Hand right.uge globe with seated male figures left OR
Pan American World Airways 58-C 100 stock 1975 IC red 30.00 Eagle sitting on two world hemispheres between two male figures. NY
Penn-Akron Corporation 6821 100 stock 1960's IC blue 20.00 Eagle, wings unfurled, perched on a crag. DE
Pennsylvania New York Central Transportation Company 3087 <100 stock 1968 IC brown 25.00 Mercury running in front of industrial scene. PA
Pennsylvania Railroad 49 <100 stock 1950ís IC orange 20.00 Seal of the State of Pennsylvania. PA
Pennsylvania RR 463-B 100 stock 1960ís IC green 30.00 Cameo of the famous horseshoe curve with male gods left and right. PA
Studebaker Corporation 870-C 100 stock 1960's IC turquoise 50.00 Seated male holding piston and calipers with manufacturing scene in background. MI
Transtates Petroleum 6499 100 stock 1950's IC orange 50.00 Cameo of oil derrick surrounded by seated male and female figures. NY
United Whelan Corporation 1119-B 100 stock 1960's IC green 25.00 Seated scantily clad male figure in front of industrial scene.
Wilson-Sinclair Company 6805-A <100 stock 1970's IC green 40.00 Cornucopia filled with company's products, farm background. DE