Wholesale Lots (100 Certificates)

Company Cat. # Issue Vintage Status Color Whlsale Vignette Inc.
D.H. Baldwin 1083-A $various bond 1970's IC green 75.00 Portrait of D.H. Baldwin, namesake of a dynasty of piano manufacturers. OH
General American Investors 1093 100 stock 1970's IC blue 75.00 Man holding giant upright wheel.This is the "Progress Vignette."
Heizer Corporation 3383 100 stock 1982 IC blue 100.00 Standing female sowing seeds, industrial background. DE
Howard Johnson 401-B 100 stock 1960's IC orange 75.00 Classical seated female figure with silhouettes of the HOJO mascots, Simple Simon and the Pieman. MD
New York Central Railroad 4-A 100 stock 1950ís IC blue 75.00 Portrait of Commodore Vanderbilt.
North American Light & Power 1102-B 100 stock 1930's-1940's IC red 100.00 Lady, arm on generator, seated in plush environment. DE
O'Sullivan Rubber 1111 >100 stock 1960's-1970's IC green 75.00 Front view of eagle, wings outstretched, standing on a crag. VA
Pan American World Airways 58-C 100 stock 1975 IC red 75.00 Eagle sitting on two world hemispheres between two male figures. NY
Penn Central Company 3088-B 100 stock 1970,s IC red 75.00 Mercury running in front of industrial scene. PA
Pennsylvania Railroad 49 <100 stock 1950ís IC orange 75.00 Seal of the State of Pennsylvania. PA
Pennsylvania RR 463-B 100 stock 1960ís IC green 75.00 Cameo of the famous horseshoe curve with male gods left and right. PA
United Whelan Corporation 1119-B 100 stock 1960's IC green 100.00 Seated scantily clad male figure in front of industrial scene.
West Indies Sugar Co. 1120-B 100 stock 1930's-1960's IC green 8.00 Cameo containing sugar cane surrounded by seated female figures left and right. DE