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Museum quality framing is available for virtually every certificate in our inventory.

We have a working arrangement with Showcase Portfolios, a custom framer located in Alexandria Virginia. They regularly deal with stock and bond certificates. Thus, they have experience with the look and feel of financial documents.

Museum quality framing is custom framing at its ultimate. A rich look is achieved through the use of quality materials individually chosen for each piece. Museum quality framing is archival framing. Only acid-free matting, backing, and mounting materials are used.

Archival framing can be expensive, especially if pieces are submitted one at a time. Showcase Portfolios maintains inventories of appropriate framing materials including acid free papers. Since they purchase in volume, economies of scale are achieved. The net result: We can deliver certificates of your choice, professionally framed by experts, at highly competitive prices.

For certificate sizes up to 11"x16" the framing cost is $65.00 for single matting and $80.00 for double matting. Add to this the cost of the certificate plus $4.00 per certificate for shipping costs.

In all cases, the frame is heavy dark walnut with a Plexiglas window. The mattes are individually selected to complement the colors in each certificate.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of framing orders. Generally shipping will be much quicker, but matching unusual colors may take time.

Our custom framing offer is extended to all certificates, even those not purchased at The Scripophily Emporium. Send the certificates to us by registered insured mail so that delivery can be verified. Include framing and shipping costs for each certificate submitted, plus appropriate sales taxes for residents of New York State.

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