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Contemporary Certificates

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The living breathing companies whose shares are actively traded on the major stock exchanges or in the over-the-counter market all issue stock certificates. They represent ownership of ongoing enterprises, and thus these shares have an intrinsic value. Because it takes a concerted effort to get these shares and because the certificates often have great beauty or unusual design, the certificates have a collectible value as well.

In addition, some collectors get more satisfaction in owning certificates of companies they can easily relate to; that is, concerns currently in operation with recognizeable high profile, names such as Apple Computer, or Harley Davidson. Design wise, holders of these certificates are not short changed. Although historical documents usually win first place in a beauty contest, contemporary certificates are worth a second look.

When considering contemporary certificates, remember that in most cases the shares were originally purchased not as an investment but rather for the sole purpose of getting certificates of the underlying companies into the collectibles market.

Certificates for contemporary enterprises.

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Last modified on Sunday, December 25, 2005