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Alaska & Yukon Stocks and Bonds by Dick Hanscom

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Hanscom follows the recent trend for scripophily writers; that is, focusing on a very limited subset of the collectible universe. Hanscom's specialty is Alaska and Yukon certificates. Specialties previously covered by other authors include railroads (Cox), automobiles (Falater), and Confederate bonds (Ball).
The book covers more than 700 listings with about 500 photographs (black and white). Information about each certificate includes state of incorporation, color, capitalization represented by the certificate, vignette, size, printer, and other specific details. Current prices for the certificates (either realized or estimated) are not provided.

Published in 2002 by Alaska Rare Coins, Fairbanks, Alaska. The book measures 8 1/2" x 11." Fully illustrated (black and white), softbound, 346 pages. $35.00

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