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Many other web sites present educational material for scripophilists or offer merchandise of interest to collectors and investors. A few of these sites are listed below. They can be contacted simply by clicking on the button. More sites will be added as we discover them. You can assist by informing us of sites you find particularly useful.

Own a Share of Microsoft Stock
Tools for the savy investor including some nifty merchandise.

Books of Wall Street
Although primarily a bookseller, this company (Fraser Publishing) also offers stock market board games.

Ray Boas, Bookseller
A store specializing in business titles including history and biography. Special attention is given to books of interest to scripophilists.

International Bond & Share Society
The International Bond & Share Society is a worldwide membership organization aiming to increase knowledge and awareness of scripophily. They publish a quarterly journal that includes scholarly material as well as current news from the world of stocks and bonds.

Museum of American Financial History
This institution is a repository of rare financial Americana. It sponsors exhibits and lectures and also publishes a quarterly journal.

The Universal Autograph Collectors Club
The UACC is a membership organization serving the needs of philographers--both dealers and collectors. They publish The Pen and Quill bi-monthly. This site is the gateway to an amazing amount of interesting and useful information.

Wall Street Creations, Inc.
A retailer specializing in gifts and collectibles of interest to investors. Their Financial Insiders' Catalog contains everything from desk ornaments to apparel.

The New York Gift Exchange

Last modified on Sunday, December 25, 2005